After the separation of the two sides, Emma Frost fought on the side of Tony with the Iron and was present at the peace talks organized by Miriam Sharpe.[1] Later she was seen at the Battle of the Divide fighting several of the heroes of the Blue. When Iron Man and Captain America arrived on the Hellicarrier, Iron Man ordered Colonel Danvers to fetch Emma Frost and Colonel Barnes. Upon returning Iron man shot Colonel Barnes to reveal he was a Skrull and asked Emma to show Captain America everything he saw involving the Skrulls deception. After the bomb developed by the Bellcurve Project which stripped all of the people of there powers, was thrown into the Divide, Captain America and Iron Man went down to it and asked Emma to telepathically link all the minds to reveal the truth and to get them to head down as well.[2] Emma's fate after the explosion is currently unknown but it can be assumed she lost her powers.


Seemingly those of the Emma Frost of Earth-616.

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