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Emma Frost was born into a wealthy old Boston family. The family, due to the good fortune of having three telepathic mutant daughters, was able to ride the wave of goodwill afforded mutants in the early days of Magneto's rise to power. The Frost fortune grew to be immeasurable.

Tired of using her powers for financial and personal gain, Emma decided she wanted to work with children and trained as a child psychologist. Emma is the first person mutant parents turn to to help their children deal with the stress of coping with their mutant powers.

On a family trip to her family's Alaskan hunting estate, Emma met pilot Scott Summers. The two fell in love and eventually married. They moved to Hartford, Connecticut together and have lived happily there ever since.[3][1]

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Emma Frost is a mutant who possesses various telepathic talents. She is able to read minds, project her thoughts into other minds and project force bolts.

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