Emma Frost, known as the White Queen, is a mutant and co-headmaster of the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters along with Sean Cassidy.[1]

Emma has a playfully contentious relationship with Sean. The pair seem to differ on teaching style; Emma is much more of a strict disciplinarian with teaching.[1]

Emma was one of the scientists working with Russell Tresh on a mutant research project for the United States government. When Emma discovered Tresh was performing illegal and unethical experiments on mutants, he was fired from the program and she furious that more action was not taken, Emma also left.[1]

Sometime before forming Generation X with Banshee, Emma led a group of students called the Hellions. Banshee implies that the the Hellions were all killed. Emma still carries the guilt of that loss.[1]

Along with Sean, Emma teachers classes and recruits new students. Together they led Generation X into the Dream Dimension to battle Russell Tresh and rescue Skin.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Emma Frost is a mutant with powers similar to her alternate universe counterparts, including:

  • Telepathy: Emma has the ability to read others thoughts and project images into others minds.[1]
  • Telekinesis: Emma has exhibit was form of gross telekinesis. However, she does not appear to possess fine motor telekinesis.[1]
  • Persuasion: Emma can influences others decisions.[1]
  • Dream Dimension Manipulation: Emma is able to consciously enter and psychically manipulate aspects of the Dream Dimension.[1]




Portrayed by Finola Hughes.

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