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Massachusetts Academy[]

Prior to the M.R.D.'s birth, Emma Frost had her own mutant academy in Massachusetts, but, according to Wolverine, trained "bullies" with their powers instead of citizens like the X-Men. Unfortunately, her students suffered at the hands of anti-mutant protesters and closed down her school. She found herself alone and missing having students.[2]

Meeting the X-Men[]

Emma Frost (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 3

Emma when meeting the X-Men

Emma turned to the X-Men to help them find the missing Charles Xavier and Jean Grey and for her to find a team. She was smitten by Warren Worthington III and Bobby Drake. Having a number of arguments with Wolverine, Emma became an X-Man and helped located Charles Xavier on Genosha using Cerebro. But they were incapacitated by Magneto, who threatened to use Wolverine's claws on Beast and Emma, forcing the latter to apologize for intruding. Magneto revealed that he found Charles on the shores of Genosha a year ago and had been caring for him in his comatose condition. The X-Men bring Xavier back to the mansion, where a future him communicating from the future, informs them that the Sentinels have destroyed the world.[2]

As an X-Men[]

Emma had snuck into the underground facility when Logan had learned that Storm had destroyed Africa. Annoyed that she used her telepathy to sneak in, he had her thrown out. Beast pointed out that to locate Storm they will need Cerebro and Emma would need something in return. She demanded that Logan extend her stay at the mansion and locates Storm. They then find out that Storm is being manipulated by Shadow King, who tricks her into thinking Africa is burning, believing she will need torrential storms to save it. Emma informs Storm of the truth but Shadow King attempted to transfer to Wolverine to finish her off. Emma went into her astral form and battled Shadow King on the Astral Plane. Emma defeated the King, helping save Storm and Africa.[3]

Emma Frost (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 episode 8
Sometime later, Emma attempted to search for Jean Grey using Cerebro, but was unsuccessful and was interrupted by Wolverine, who ordered Emma to locate the Brotherhood after they kidnapped an innocent mutant from the MRD. She located the Brotherhood at an airport, but also discovered they had a telepath aiding them. Emma piloted Blackbird alongside Beast, and the two managed to rescue the captive mutant, now known as Nitro, but he urged the X-Men to leave, something that Emma agreed on as she noted that the Brotherhood's telepath, Psylocke, tried to shut down Nitro's powers. Emma eventually got into a fight with Psylocke, the two telepaths psychically battled each other, though Emma defeat her.[4]
X-Men (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 9

Emma with the X-Men

On her next mission, Emma and the X-Men went to Trask Industries to uncover information on a project called Master Mold. While on her way in Emma scanned the minds of two guards who were unaware the laboratory was empty.[5] When Mystique infiltrated the mansion, Emma was knocked out by her while in Cerebro. Mystique impersonated Emma just as Scott was about to alert her of the intruder, though he was knocked out by her.[6]Emma watched Scott looking out to shore from the window of her room before being interrupted by Logan, who wanted her to look through his memories of an event from his past. Emma was horrified of his memories and thought that they occurred somewhere between two mountains. When Logan returned, he thanked her and she recommended for him to come to her again.[7]

When Scott brought Harpoon, a pawn of Mr. Sinister, he ordered Emma to read his mind for any information about Jean or Sinister, though she recovered nothing related to the two from Harpoon's mind. As Cyclops was about to leave, Emma offered him help. She informed him that Harpoon was planning on meeting Block buster. After finding out what Emma did, Wolverine scolded her, believing Cyclops wasn't able to defeat Sinister, unlike Emma, who believed in Cyclops. When Wolverine and Emma came across Arclight, she discovered Scott was being led into a trap by Sinister, so the X-Men and her saved him.[8]

Emma Frost (Earth-8096) and Forge (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 13

Piloting the jet with Forge

After Rogue was held as a prisoner for the X-Men by Wolverine, Emma came to see her, and when seeing her, Rogue urged Emma to read her mind due to her being a telepath. Emma was unable to read Rogue's mind however, this was due to all of the minds she absorbed combing and becoming to difficult for Emma herself to unscramble, the process of doing it would take a long time which would spam over days. After being knocked unconscious by Quicksilver during the Brotherhood's foiled attempt at defeating the X-Men, Emma awoke to find her nose broken, making note of it before being called down by Forge, along with the rest of the team, to view reports of mutant armies created by Magneto to take down the MRD in order for a war between humanity and mutants to begin. When a large monster attacked New York, Emma and Forge piloted the jet while trying to shut the large entity down and staying in telepathic contact with the X-Men. Although initially unable to read the entity's mind, due to it's thoughts seemingly being static, Emma managed to read it and discovered that the entity was a girl named Tildie, who had a device placed on her neck by Juggernaut. After Rogue helped Tildie, Emma and Scott conversed at the X-Mansion the day after.[9]

She later restored faint memories of Kristie Nord to her father[10]

Hellfire Club[]

Hellfire Club (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 24 001

Eventually, it is revealed that Emma was a spy for Inner Circle, a secret cult who has been looking for the next host of the fiery Phoenix. The latest host was Jean Grey. Emma had promised to deliver Jean to the Circle, so that they could release the Phoenix into the atmosphere, where it'd most likely be destroyed, ending the cycles of death. With the Stepford Cuckoos, Emma intended to disable Xavier in order to extract Jean but she sensed the psychic attack and unleashed her Phoenix powers, destroying the Xavier Institute. With Jean gone, Emma had to find another way and so she salvaged Xavier and placed his comatose body on the shores of Genosha, so that she could use the X-Men to find her.[11][1]

When Jean was finally in their hands, Emma lead the telepathic excursion into Jean's mind to open the various mental blocks Xavier placed. However, after opening the first door, Jean sensed the deception because of her psychic link to Scott Summers and forced Emma and the Cuckoos out. Realizing she required Scott, she asked that the Circle postponed until she retrieved him. The Circle mocked her attachment to the X-Men and reveal their revised plan: to use the Phoenix for devastating purposes. Warning them that the Phoenix was too powerful to control, she instructed them not to do anything until she returns.[12]

Emma Frost (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 26 001

Emma's body starts to shatter

Emma later sacrifices herself to contain the Phoenix, allowing it to hit her body head-on and mortally wounding her. Her last words were to ask for Scott's forgiveness before dying and exploding, leaving only her dead diamond shards falling from the sky.[1]



Emma Frost (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 25 001

Emma using her telepathy

Telepathy: Emma's telepathy are at an extremely high level and can easily overpower the powers of other telepaths; such as Psylocke. She also seemed quite superior about her powers, comparing herself to Charles Xavier and telling Psylocke that; she was "pathetic" after a short psychic duel between the two.
  • Diamond Mimicry: Emma also has the ability to enter a diamond form, which makes her almost completely indestructible. This form was rarely used by her, because "it's not her favorite form".


  • Master Astral Combatant: Emma is trained and excels in astral combat.


  • While Emma is in her diamond form, she is unable to access her telepathic powers.








  • When using her telepathy for certain abilities, a white, circular, cage appears at the top of her head, roughly where her hair is. This does not appear for thought projection but it does appear for mental blasts/shields.

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