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Emma Frost

Appearing in "Higher Learning Part 1 of 6"

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  • Report card


  • Frost's Limo
  • Christian's car

Synopsis for "Higher Learning Part 1 of 6"

Emma Frost was born into a wealthy Boston family and attends a prestigious academy. However, much to the disappointment of her cruel and domineering father, Winston Frost, she is an unimpressive student and social outcast. Emma is also bullied by the superior Matilda Brant and plagued by frequent and severe migraines. Forced to live at her family's mansion instead of their school like her peers, it seems none are sympathetic to Emma's plight. At the family dinner table, the clashing personalities cause tension within the family. Add to that, Emma's request to go to the school dance is denied by her father; who finds her grades far too mediocre for a Frost. Three days later, Emma faints in a fencing class and her teacher, Mr Kendall, seems genuinely concerned; even offering to tutor her for the upcoming midterms. Emma's budding crush on him persuades her to defy her father and attend the dance in secret. Christian, her close brother, helps her get ready for the dance and later everyone in attendance (except for Matilda) is pleasantly surprised at her poise. Emma impossibly reveals a secret about Matilda, who then retaliates by tearing apart Emma's gown and completely humiliates her. When Emma arrives home, Winston chastises her over the embarrassing display of defiance. The following week, Mr. Kendall comforts Emma and reveals that he thinks she has a lot of potential. In the hallway she is overwhelmed by an onslaught of voices in her head; blood streaming from her nose. Emma collapses in Mr. Kendall's arms and falls unconscious.


  • Subtitled "Growing Pains"
  • "Emma Frost Vol 1" begins ten years ago, when Emma was attending High School. She is unaware of her telepathic abilities or even about mutants
  • In this incarnation she has light brown hair, despite previous flashbacks showing Emma with blonde hair.


Snow Valley misspelled as Show Valley.

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