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Quote1.png Admirable. But as someone who's been around many top universities, let me assure you -- you have qualities that cannot be taught. Intelligence. Curiosity. And the drive to always learn more. The world is your university, Emma. And you are its star pupil. Quote2.png
Dr. Elliot Tolliver[src]


Emma Hernandez was a staff member of Horizon University who started to flirt with new professor Dr. Elliot Tolliver after he gave a lecture to his students. Her colleague Frank told her it seemed she had more than a professional interest in him but she rebuked him as she said she had twenty years on him.[2]

Emma showed up with wine to the bedside of Dr. Tolliver after he injured his arm. She began to show interest again as she told him that since that place wasn't a hospital there was no reason why they couldn't share the bottle of wine together. She also mentioned going out to a place for dinner when they were both interrupted by Anna Maria Marconi.[3]

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