Emma la Porte was a prostitute working in San Diego. When Rusty Collins's ship docked in the city, he was introduced to Emma by his Commander. Emma took the young man to a back alley, but when she kissed him, he lost control over his powers and severely burned her.[1]

Later, she was transferred to a New York hospital to undergo further treatment for the burning Rusty was responsible for. Rusty, in the meantime having become a charge of X-Factor, cut a deal with Masque where he would sacrifice his looks to Masque's whims if he restored Emma's face to beauty. Masque did so, but when Emma learned of the deal, she insisted her looks not come at such an expense. Rusty and another mutant X-Factor had rescued, Skids, fought Masque, and he undid his morphing of both Rusty and Emma before retreating back into the sewer tunnels.[2]

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