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Emmeline Frost's history is presumably the same of her counterpart's from Earth-889. She eventually married Scott Summers. The pair was kidnapped by Savior, who trapped them and use mutants power as an energy source. Scott eventually died from the strain of having his powers drained.[1]

Emmeline aided the Cyclops from Earth-616 and others in escaping from the machinations of the Savior.[3] Afterward, she joined a group of multidimensional X-Men and visited Earth-20329, a world ruled by Storm the All-Mother.[2] In thanks for her actions with the team, she was granted the immortality of a goddess. With her husband dead, she accepted the offer, and remained on this world. She also began a relationship with Johnny Ito.[4]

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Seemingly those of Emmeline Frost from Earth-889. She has also obtained immortality and powers of a God with an impervious diamond body.[4]

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