Emmett Jax was an enforcer for Kingpin, having crossed paths with Bullseye many times while tracking and attacking Daredevil. He considered Bullseye to be the best man to have on his side when his life was on the line.

Jax eventually joined the Hell Riders, a biker gang, and watched on television the news of Bullseye's death. Considering Bullseye an honorary member of their gang, the Hell Riders wanted to organize a proper burial for Bullseye.

Jax and the rest of the Hell Riders kidnapped a young man named Denny Deaver, journalist Ben Urich, a priest, and a group of tourist to act as mourners during the funeral.

Jax also went to Fisk Tower to invite Kingpin to the funeral, but Fisk told him that he didn't even remember him, that he had never heard of Bullseye, and threatened him to tear his head off if he didn't abandon his property.

Jax atteneded the funeral Daredevil and the Hand, having been tipped by Urich, with Jax being defeated and taken to the dungeons in the Shadowland Fortress.[1]

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