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Emmett Proudhawk was the leader of the First Eternity Battalion,[1] an experimental unit created by the US Army which focused on black ops and psychic warfare.[2] Emmett was also the most powerful member of the team, for which Jim Tensen considered him to be the closest thing to a "real" psychic among them.

Emmett Proudhawk (Earth-616) from Ultimates 2 Vol 2 6 001

Proudhawk's human form

A routine deployment in Transia turned into tragedy when Proudhawk's team walked into a conflict between the New Men and Chthon's forces in Wundagore Mountain. Most of the unit was slaughtered, with Tensen and Philip Vogt becoming the only survivors. Proudhawk seemingly perished at Chthon's hands, but instead became the Psi-Force, a living repository of psychic power that could boost the natural psychic talent within people that had created a connection with Vogt and Tensen. Following the incident, the First Eternity Battalion was terminated, and Proudhawk was believed dead.[1]

Many years later, the Psi-Force became Jim Tensen's area of study, devoting his life to train people into tapping into it to achieve their full mental potential.[3] When Philip Vogt assembled a group for superhuman surveillance known as the Troubleshooters, it was composed of people that could access the Psi-Force, including Tensen.[4]

When the Troubleshooters assisted the Ultimates in fighting traitor Troubleshooter member Simon Rodstvow, Tensen had his teammates linked their psi-talents to call forth the embodiment of Emmet Proudhawk, the Psi-Hawk. Psi-Hawk disappeared following Rodstvow's defeat, due to his inability to remain in the real world for more than a few minutes at a time.[1]

Eternity War[]

Psi-Hawk was recruited into the Eternity Watch by Galactus in order to save the multiversal personification of Eternity from his captor: the First Firmament, the first iteration of all that is.[5]



Psychic Powers: Even before becoming the Psi-Force, Emmett possessed notable psychic powers. As the Psi-Force, Emmett is capable of granting individuals powers from a varied range of psychic abilities. When he manifests in the real world, Psi-Hawk appears to be near omnipotent.[1]

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