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Quote1.png Let all the animal worlds fall -- and the Cotati rise anew! Masters of the Cosmos -- as they should always have been! For here we plant the seed of the Empyrean! On this planet -- we begin our Empyre! Quote2.png

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Brief Synopsis

The Fantastic Four aboard their ship, the Marvel II, have stumbled into the war fleet of the Kree/Skrull Alliance heading toward Earth. Deciding to investigate what brought the two enemy races together, the Fantastic Four use the Invisible Woman's invisibility to approach the fleet's main ship, discovering that Hulkling is leading the two races, but they are detected. The Avengers are preparing in the Blue Area of the Moon for the arrival of the Alliance, since they had been previously warned by the Cotati of the Kree and the Skrull's intention to exterminate them. In the process, the Cotati Swordsman takes the Hulk away to provide her with a hammer which seemingly allows her to mentally manifest as Jennifer Walters while retaining her power.

When the war fleet approaches the Moon, Mister Fantastic makes contact with Iron Man from the Alliance's command deck, where he is with the rest of his team. Reed deduces that the Alliance had been initiated by the rulers of the old Skrull and Kree regimes, Kl'rt the Super-Skrull and Tanalth the Pursuer, respectively, and they sought out Hulkling as a figurehead to consolidate the alliance. Hulkling attempts to explain that Super-Skrull and Tanalth warned him of the Cotati being a threat to the well-being of the galaxy, but Iron Man accuses the attack on the innocent Cotati to be nothing more than a stunt to cement the alliance. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four try to convince Hulkling that he has been used and prepare to stop the Alliance, but Hulkling decides to push forward. A battle unfolds between the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, and the Skrull and the Kree. Iron Man clamps a device to Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, which he uses as a delivery system to infect all of the Alliance's systems with a virus that neutralizes their ships. In a turn of events, the Cotati take advantage of the delay caused by the Avengers to wait for the Death Blossom to bloom. The leader of the Cotati, Quoi drops his pacifist facade and uses the Death Blossom's power-amplification energies to sprout vines everywhere on the Alliance's fleet, killing countless of Kree and Skrull soldiers. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four are left watching in horror as Quoi declares war on all animal life across the entire universe and sets out to turn the Earth into the birthplace of the Cotati's Empyre.

Detailed Synopsis

Aboard their ship, the Marvel II, the Fantastic Four watch in consternation after they have stumbled into the war fleet of the Kree/Skrull Alliance heading toward Earth, having also just learned of the end of the Kree/Skrull War with the formation of this union. Aboard the Fantastic Four's ship is Jo-Venn and N'Kalla, two child soldiers from the Kree and the Skrull, respectively, recently saved by the Fantastic Four from an arena. All four members of the team agree to send the kid soldiers away, and Mister Fantastic tasks his own children, Franklin and Valeria, with escorting them back to Earth aboard the ship's escape shuttle. Franklin argues to stay since this is a situation in which his fading powers could be necessary, but Reed insists. Valeria suggests flying the kids on her own if Franklin wants to stay, but Reed reminds Valeria that she can't until she retakes her driving test. As the escape shuttle flies off, Reed thinks to himself, feeling concerned that he is being too inflexible but also realizing he shouldn't second-guess himself, and worries that it comes with being a father.

Reed decides to investigate what has brought the Kree and the Skrull together after a millennia of conflict, and the Invisible Woman uses her powers to turn themselves and the ship invisible. When the team looks into the deck of the ship's main vessel, they are surprised to find Hulkling sitting on the throne. He is accompanied by Kl'rt the Super-Skrull, fellow Kree/Skrull hybrid Mur-G'nn, and Kree warriors Captain Glory and Tanalth the Pursuer. Super-Skrull requests a word with Hulkling and explains that a secondary effect of his powers as the Super-Skrull is that he can detect invisible things. The Super-Skrull uses his powers to unveil the Marvel II. Using communication channels, Hulkling acknowledges to the Fantastic Four that they might have questions. Reed recalls to himself that the last he heard, Hulkling had affiliated with the Avengers, and wonders if they're mixed up in this situation.

Somewhere else, Iron Man is looking into the distance as he is adjusting his armor's personal mental recording. He is approached by Captain America and Thor, to whom he explains that he has set his armor to record mental impressions as a failsafe. The rest of the Avengers stand nearby. They are in the Blue Area of the Moon, which was recently forested by the Cotati and turned into a garden. The Cotati Swordsman tells the Hulk to follow him to give her a weapon against the enemy, and she agrees reluctantly. The heroes are approached by the leader of the Cotati, Quoi, who commends the Avengers for helping prevent their destruction at the hands of the Kree and the Skrull, and promises them a place in their garden forever. Captain America shakes Quoi's hand and promises to do everything they can to earn it. Hulk agrees as she emerges from the tree line holding a hammer, speaking like Jennifer Walters. She explains to Thor that the resonance of the amber in the hammer along with Cotati meditation techniques have allowed her to calm her rage but retain the Hulk's power. Thor expresses content for her, but he looks at her with concern.

Tony counts down to the Alliance's arrival as his armor's helmet encases his head. The entire fleet now looms above the Blue Area of the Moon. Iron Man recalls how the Kree and the Skrull have joined forces to burn the Cotati's garden to the ground. He thinks to himself how he has been itching for something simple like this, the Avengers fighting space invaders. Using a radio, Captain Marvel makes contact with the Alliance, and warns them against taking action against the garden. Tony is surprised when Mister Fantastic calls him to ask what is he doing there. Aboard the Alliance's main ship, Tony's image projects holographically on the deck and its screens. He notices Hulkling and Reed explains to him his deduction that the Super-Skrull and the Tanalth, the rulers of the old Skrull and Kree regimes, respectively, made the first moves to establish peace, and then sought out Hulkling as a figurehead. Hulkling corroborates Richards' theory. Teddy admits that he never wanted to be emperor, but taking the job meant they could save lives. He mentions that the Kree Civil War was in full swing until he called a cease-fire from the side of the Kree Imperium as a precondition. When Thor holds against him the lives of the Cotati his armada intends to kill, Hulkling explains that they will have a chance to surrender, and warns the Avengers that their garden is a danger to the well-being of the galaxy. Captain America asks him who told him that, and Hulkling hesitates before dejectedly confesses that it was the Super-Skrull and Tanalth. He admits that it doesn't sound good but gives them a vote of confidence. Behind him, Tanalth lets out a quiet chuckle. Tony berates Teddy, accusing the Kree and the Skrulls of massacring the Cotati solely to cement their alliance. The Invisible Woman turns to Mister Fantastic and asks him what is his opinion, but Reed admits that he isn't sure. Reed thinks to himself that Tony's theory makes sense, but is still unsure. He points out Stark's certainty, saying that it seems absolute. The Avengers prepare to take charge, and Iron Man assures Hulkling not to worry since the Avengers will save him, but warns him to stay out of the way. Tony communicates with Ghost Rider, who is aboard the Quinjet with the rest of the team and Swordsman. He touches the vehicle's controls, imbuing it with his demonic powers. The demonic Quinjet takes off. In his inner monologue, Reed states that Tony has faith, and wonders if he does as well.

Aboard the Alliance ship, Reed tries to convince Hulkling to work together through the problem. The Super-Skrull presses Teddy to listen to him, claiming to have his interests at heart. The Invisible Woman warns him to stand down. The Thing turns to Hulkling and tries to sway him to fight the Kree and the Skrull together. Hulkling tells him that he thinks he can do better and stands up, giving orders to Super-Skrull and Captain Glory to hold off the Avengers non-lethally while he and the rest of the Alliance make their stand on the deck. The Invisible Woman encases Super-Skrull and Captain Glory in a force field, but they fade away. Mur-G'nn reveals they were illusions cast by her, and that the real Super-Skrull and Captain Glory are already away. The Thing confronts Hulkling, and Teddy tells him that since the Fantastic Four and the Avengers won't listen to them and they don't have time to convince them they will fight.

In space, the Ghost Quinjet thins out the Alliance's armada, firing penance stares through the ship to incapacitate the pilots of the enemy fleet, who are overcome with guilt over their actions. The Quinjet is intercepted by Captain Glory, who gloats about having been gene-modded to feel zero guilt in the field, and he punches the ship, neutralizing its engines. Black Panther observes that Captain Glory did so without attempting to kill them. He suits up in a giant armor, ordering Robbie to stay in controls while the rest of the crew confront Super-Skrull and Captain Glory. Black Panther hacks into Super-Skrull's communicating implants in an attempt to establish dialogue. After Captain Marvel flies off, pushing Captain Glory away from the ship, T'Challa tries to reason with Kl'rt since both have been rulers of their own people. Super-Skrull lashes out at Black Panther, telling him that a human can only rule a small portion of Earth, whereas he held an interstellar empire and let it go because he believes in a greater destiny. Super-Skrull shapeshifts his body to protrude several flaming arms. Hulk and Swordsman perform a fastball special, lunging the Cotati into Super-Skrull.

Back in the Blue Area of the Moon, Thor imparts to Iron Man that he feels uncomfortable being away from the fight. Tony is tinkering on a workbench, and Captain America reminds Thor that their goal is to end the conflict with minimum loss of life, and expresses that Stark's plan is the best hope for that. Iron Man holds up a ring-shaped device that he clamps to Mjolnir's handle. As he swings the hammer, Thor brings up that he has also currently become a king, and challenges Hulkling to prove who wears the crown better. The hammer flies into the sky and toward the main Alliance ship. Aboard the vessel, the Fantastic Four continue fighting Hulkling and his forces. The hammer breaks into the ship and it rockets towards Hulkling. At the last second, Teddy brings up his sword, Excelsior. The two weapons meet, and Hulkling manages to hold Mjolnir back with the flat of the blade, radiating a shockwave as Hulkling continues holding the hammer back, surprising Mister Fantastic. On a holographic screen, Tony activates the ring-shaped device. It sends a yellow bolt of lightning. When it hits the nearest screen, it displays an Iron Man caricature signaling a remote viral package which breaches the Kree and the Skrull firewalls. From the Blue Area of the Moon, the Cotati observe as every ship of the invading armada is engulfed in a pink lightning. Thinking to himself, Tony explains that every ship in the fleet is suffering a critical engine overload, leaving them helpless. Reed sneers at Tony's plan, dismissing it as a big, flashy solution, and expresses that he wishes he could be sure it was the right one.

In the Cotati garden, Quoi thanks the Avengers as he addresses his people. He explains that by delaying the fleet they have bough the Cotati enough time for the flowering. A giant tulip atop the garden begins to bloom into the Death Blossom, and Quoi sheds his clothes. He arms himself with weapons and warrior clothing and paints his face with war paint. He explains that the Death Blossom magnifies the Cotati's powers to take back the universe. He declares that the Cotati will bring punishment and declares themselves the new Avengers. The Death Blossom begins to radiate energy, and Quoi uses it on every vestige of plant life across the Alliance's fleet to sprout murderous vines everywhere, choking the ships and killing Skrulls and Kree alike. The Avengers look in horror, and Tony repeatedly thinks to himself what has he done. The command deck of the Alliance is also overrun, with vines erupting out of The Thing. Quoi declares ware against all animal words, crowning the Cotati as the new masters of the cosmos. He looks toward the Earth and cries out that it will be the planet where they will plant their seed and begin their Empyre.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Kree and the Skrulls have united under a new emperor – and their war fleet is on a collision course for our world.

• On the moon, the Avengers are ready to strike with the full power of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Approaching from outer space, the Fantastic Four are seeking a diplomatic solution.

• If the two teams can’t work together to save the day, things can only get worse...


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