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Empyre Vol 1 6 2-Pack Action Figure Variant.jpg2-Pack Action Figure Variant
Empyre Vol 1 6 Avengers Variant.jpgAvengers Variant
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Empyre Vol 1 6 Fantastic Four Variant.jpgFantastic Four Variant
Empyre Vol 1 6 Hidden Gem Variant.jpgHidden Gem Variant
Empyre Vol 1 6 Kree Skrull Variant.jpgKree/Skrull Variant

Empyre Vol 1 6 McKone Variant.jpgMcKone Variant
Empyre Vol 1 6 Secret Variant.jpgSecret Variant
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Quote1.png You see... I knew Jacques Duquesne. He was human. So human it killed him. But when he died -- he died an Avenger! And everything you will never be! You were no Jacques Duquesne, cotati. May that knowledge comfort you -- at the hour of your death! Quote2.png
-- Black Panther

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Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

Who will rule the EMPYRE?

• There can be only one King of Space—and it’s the last liege standing! But as combat rages on, the clock ticks down to catastrophe!

• Will the ultimate interstellar weapon fry planet Earth before or after all sentient life on the planet is wiped out?

• The Avengers and the Fantastic Four are tested as never before—as EMPYRE comes to a pulse-pounding finish!

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