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Apocalypse's history is presumably similar to his Earth-92131 counterpart's. 2000 years into the future, Apocalypse took over the world. He was opposed by Clan Chosen, led by the time-traveling mutant Cable.[1]

During a Clan Chosen attack on his pyramid, Apocalypse realized that he would continue to be opposed and decided to do something about it. He stole Cable's computer and used it to travel to the Axis of Time in Limbo. After studying the Axis for centuries, he recruited various powerful mutants to aid him in stealing various psychics in Earth-92131 so he could use their collective power to redo reality in his image. He was opposed by the X-Men, Cable, and the time traveler Bishop. Magneto and Mystique, who had allied with Apocalypse, turned on him after learning what he planned to do. Once the psychics were freed, they used their collective power to overpower Apocalypse and forced him back into the timestream where he died due to the rejuvenation chamber in his pyramid being destroyed.[2]



Seemingly those of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.

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