Approximately 5,000 years old, Apocalypse is a virtually immortal mutant. During the early days of the Mutant-Human War, Apocalypse approached Magneto and offered him his aid and an alliance in their battle against humanity. Magneto accepted, and the two fought together. Apocalypse however came to resent Magneto's mercy towards the humans and they eventually came to blows over the leadership of mutantkind. Magneto won, but spared Apocalypse, who would continue to serve him loyally, freeing a number of mutants from the camps in exchange for control of Northern Africa. [2]

Later, Magnus asked him to assassinate the Black Panther, who was considered a threat for becoming close to Storm. Apocalypse, Sabretooth, Iceman, Angel, and Nightcrawler were surprised to see Prince Namor and Emperor Sunfire assisting the Black Panther and Storm. During their battle, Apocalypse went looking for the Panther, only to find a waiting Black Bolt. Apocalypse was believed to have been destroyed by Black Bolt's whisper. [2]


Apocalypse is a mutant with the ability to alter his atomic structure. He does not seem to need sustenance of any kind and can recover from devastating physical injuries that would kill most humans and mutants. Apocalypse possesses superhuman strength and can lift/press close to 20 tons, though he can draw mass and energy from other sources to enhance his strength to unknown limits.


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See En Sabah Nur (Earth-616)#Equipment

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