During Magneto's scheme to block out the Earth's Sun, Apocalypse advised the Shadow King and manipulated several players behind the scenes to ensure the Age of Apocalypse would soon rise.

Apocalypse gathered his Four Horsemen and started his conquest of the world. He overthrew Magneto and his mutant nation of Genosha, forcing the Brotherhood into an alliance with the X-Men. At the Nuwali Temples in the Savage Land, Apocalypse translated some ancient incantations regarding the power of The Four, which he hoped to unlock. His minions took control of Manhattan, and his personal victories including brainwashing two of the original X-Men into Dark Beast and Archangel at his side.

Apocalypse returned to Egypt to complete his ceremony with The Four: Quicksilver, Polaris, Emma Frost, and Sabretooth. Apocalypse's path to ultimate power was sabotaged by his ally, Mister Sinister, however, and the Eternal One fell in battle with the X-Men.[1]


Seemingly those of Apocalypse of Earth-616.

Apocalypse is voiced by Dan Hay in X-Men Legends and Richard McGonagle in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse.

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