In the future timeline called the Age of Stryfe, a heavily weakened Apocalypse was attacked and thought to be killed by the combined power of Stryfe and Bishop. Although they inflicted much damage upon him, he survived the attack and hid in a cave.[citation needed]

He contacted Archangel after he had arrived in this future as a part of X-Force and begged him to kill him. Archangel refused and instead handed over some of his techno organic wing blades to him, telling Apocalypse he no longer held any control over him. Somehow, contact with the wing blades rejuvenated Apocalypse and he offered to join forces with Archangel to kill Stryfe who was on the verge of killing X-Force, Cable, Bishop and Hope Summers. Archangel took Apocalypse to a Celestial ship, where Apocalypse was then fully restored and wanted to avenge what Stryfe had done to him. Just as Stryfe was on the verge of taking Hope for himself, Apocalypse and Archangel arrived. Despite all his power, Stryfe was no match for the now fully-restored Apocalypse and was easily defeated. He turned his attention to Hope, but Archangel demanded that he release her back into Cable's care. Apocalypse did so, but remarked to Cable that he would return for her eventually. As the team departed, Apocalypse dragged Stryfe away in order to make him his new host.[citation needed]

Apocalypse started to experiment and enhance Stryfe's body. Stryfe waited patiently for the right time to make his move and when the time finally come he made his move and according to Stryfe he killed Apocalypse, but Bishop didn't believe him and Stryfe himself didn't argue to prove it.[citation needed]

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