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Apocalypse is one of the many Champions at the Summoners' disposal in the Contest of Champions held in the Battlerealm.


Born thousands of years ago in Aqaba, Apocalypse was the very first living being on Earth to express the mutant X-gene. While traveling the world, he convinced ancient civilizations that he was a deity and manipulated them into fighting many wars, always justifying them as stimulating growth, judgment, and destruction. Many millennia later, Apocalypse used the Celestial technology he possessed to enter a period of suspended animation.

Contest of Champions

At some point, Apocalypse's sarcophagus was transported to the Battlerealm so he could participate the Contest of Champions, but it was never opened. It was eventually located and opened by Professor X, who proceeded to ask for Apocalypse's aid in building a mutant paradise on Krakoa, to which he accepted. Apocalypse built up Krakoa's infrastructure and helped to unlock the potential of its flowers.

Rise of X

Upon discovering the attrocities Mister Sinister and Mojo had committed against mutants to help Xavier achieve his goals, Apocalypse attempted to burn Krakoa down before escaping to a desert somewhere nearby with his followers. They were later found and defeated by Iron Man and the Summoner, who had been manipulated into doing so by Professor X.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.

Physical Strength

Seemingly that of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.


The Contest labels Apocalypse as a Mutant Champion, therefore weakening him against Tech Champions.



Seemingly those of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.

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