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Having tried and failed for five lifetimes to save mutantkind from the rise of the machines, Moira MacTaggert decided to turn towards the one path she had yet to try; Apocalypse. She awoke him when she was 18, and told him of her previous lives and the fate of mutantkind to fall at the hands of the Sentinels. Apocalypse transformed Moira with a Celestial Seed into a more enhanced version of herself dubbed Mother Akkaba, and together the two waged war against humanity. Two years after awakening, Apocalypse killed Charles Xavier and Magneto, potential rivals for the leadership of mutantkind. Five years after awakening, he and Moira managed to rescue Apocalypse's children; the original Horsemen from their exile in Amenth. Four years later, he and Moira formed the X-Men and after an additional seven years, he enslaved Mr. Sinister.

Twenty-four years after awakening, Apocalypse set out to rid the world of the inferior human race in what would be called "the Apocalypse War". He had soon succeeded in destroying Earth's non-mutant superhuman forces, such as the Avengers World. When the first Sentinels came online Apocalypse fought against them, including their leader Nimrod for the next one hundred years.[1]

While the mutants reaped victories early on, such as overrunning the continent of Asia and establishing three mutant cities, treachery and the rise of the Sentinels caused the tide to turn. The mutant nations on Earth were destroyed and Apocalypse lost his children. After a century of war, Apocalypse moved what little was left of the mutant population to the Krakoan settlement of Asteroid K, and soon thereafter oversaw the evacuation of most of the mutant populace to Shi'ar space, leaving his X-Men and new Horsemen the only mutants in the Sol system. He and Moira devised a plan to defeat Nimrod, but shortly thereafter she was grievously wounded during an assassination attempt on Apocaylpse, resulting in her being placed in stasis. 105 years after his awakening, Apocalypse sent a group of X-Men to infiltrate the Man-Machine Supremacy's Nexus in order to download key information to help turn the tide of battle in their favor.[2]

Unfortunately Rasputin and Cardinal were the only ones to make it back, but they succeeded in their mission; finding the location of crucial information regarding Nimrod's origins. With diminished numbers and forced to stage a direct assault on the machine city in order to find what they sought, Apocalypse declared that he would personally lead the X-Men into battle.[3]

The team split into two groups with Apocalypse, War and Famine heading to the main data repository while the others created a distraction to keep the machines busy. After Famine hacked into the citadel, the team began to look into the archives to find out when Nimrod originally came online. But this intrusion didn't go unnoticed as Nimrod was alerted to their presence. Once Famine downloaded the information into a crystal and they were about to leave, Nimrod intercepted them. Apocalypse stayed behind to cover their retreat. Nimrod eventually gained the upper hand, and seemingly killed Apocalypse. His death was not in vain however, as War returned with the information crystal and uploaded it to Moira's mind. Following Apocalypse's orders, he proceeded to kill Moira, causing the timeline to reset and allowing Moira to be reborn with the knowledge of how and when Nimrod came online.[4]



Seemingly those of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the En Sabah Nur of Earth-616.

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