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Prophet of the Gene and Herald of the Mutant Race, En Sabah Nur's early life was marked by hardship. Born to the Akkaba Tribe, a poor mountain people, he demonstrated incredible intelligence from an early age. Threatened by this boy's innate genius, the village chief banished him to the deep desert. Not much is known about this exile period, except that the boy returned to his people a grown man, four years later. His skin had become blue, and he wore a suit of Celestial Metal armor, which he proclaimed it was a gift from the Sky Gods. He announced he should be called Apocalypse, the First Mutant, and from the moment on he would lead his people to the promised land.

The Kingdom of Egyptia did not exist before Apocalypse. The whole land was a desolate wasteland extending as far as the eye could see, with only scattered stone age tribes fighting for power. The rise of En Sabah Nur transformed this fractured land into a powerful realm based on a blend of advanced Genetic Science and Celestial Technology. The springs have sprung, the trees bore fruit, and peoples from all over Battleworld flocked to bask in the light of their new God. And so it was for 3,000 years, with Egyptia experiencing a Golden age under the leadership of the Pyramid X, and Apocalypse's mutant regional governors, also known as his Horsemen.

The Maestro, a brutal multiversal conqueror, arrived at Mutopia's gates after a year of being resisted by the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Fascinated by the advanced culture of the Pyramid X, The Maestro laid down his weapons and met Apocalypse as equals. As payment for the lives of the slain Horsemen, he offered to sacrifice four of his best Hulk generals at the altar of En Sabah Nur, a gesture mercifully refused. Instead, the Maestro offered to donate a strand of hair of his 400 mightiest and wisest as genetic tribute, every year, for as long as they were allies.

The alliance between Apocalypse and the Maestro remained a fruitful one, until the Pharaoh was betrayed by one of his closest lieutenants. Nathaniel Essex, En Sabah Nur's chief geneticist, created a trap for his own master, locking him in a crystalline ISO-9 sarcophagus. Nobody knows if he was secretly bribed by the Maestro or acted on his own volition; nevertheless Essex, now self-proclaimed Pharaoh Sinister I, controlled the kingdom for the next ten years. It was the darkest chapter of Egytptia’s history: Famine, Pestilence, War and Death now afflicted the people instead of protecting them. But the sun would shine once more. A decade is a mere blink of an eye for the immortal Apocalypse, and the unstable crystal prison could not hold him for too long. Free from his sarcophagus, the First Mutant deposed the false king, who fled the land like the coward he was.

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