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  • That character was created by Robert E. Howard in "By This Axe I Rule!".[2]
    • Originally named "Gromel", his name (among other details of the story) was changed to "Enaros" by Howard's literary agent Glenn Lord when he assembled King Kull for publication in 1967, in order to avoid some of the many similarities betwen "By This Axe I Rule!" and the Conan story "The Phoenix on the Sword", due to the fact that the former, unmarketable, was the basis to the latter (with even entire sections being almost identical word for word). Glenn Lord used "Enaros", a variant spelling of "Enarus", one of the names in a list of Aquilonian names found in Howard's notes.
      • Glenn Lord had forgotten that in "The God in the Bowl", a Nemedian character was named "Enaro". Coincidentally, L. Sprague de Camp changed that character's name to "Enaros" in earlier plushed versions of the story.[3]

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