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After untold eons, Shathra returns with the goal of supplanting the Great Web with her own Great Nest. But to do so, she has infected numerous Spiders across the Multiverse with her Wasp venom, parasitically enthralling the unwilling totems into her service. Leaving a trap in a primal strand, Spiderling accidentally restored Shathra when viewing the origin of the Great Web,[2] leading the wasp goddess to infect her with enthralling venom before seeking veteran Spiders across the multiverse-- Noir,[3] Ghost-Spider,[2] Spider-Ham,[4] and many more.

Surprisingly, Morlun arrives allied to the Spiders to stop Shathra's goal to eliminate the chosen champion of the Great Web, Spider-Man of Earth-616. But the other Spider in 616 mistake him for a returned for, allowing the corrupted Spider-Man Noir to erase Spider-Woman from existence, as though she never was.[5] Evacuated to Earth-616 Beta by Araña (Aña Corazon), they learned that they and a handful of spiders are all that remain in the multiverse, with the 616 Spiders immune to Shathra's parasitic enthralling wasp venom. With the stakes even higher, Peter and Morlun debate what action while Miles, not a 616 spider, is infected and leads Shathra to their safe space.[6]

While still lucid, Miles went with Kraven to cause a stir in the Great Nest and slow down the enemy, before he could fully turn. Peter has Araña lead him and Night-Spider to a Temple of Neith for an artifact to restore the lost spiders, but Morlun's attempt to take the Totem Dagger from Noir compromised Spinstress to a wasp sting, revealing their plan to Shathra. When she sent her swarm to the temple, the infected Gwen took Noir's dagger, stabbing Peter to erase him from existence.[7]



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