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Quote1.png This, Ender... This is just the start of your journey. Quote2.png
—Hyrum Graff

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Andrew "Ender" Wiggin

Supporting Characters:

  • Hyrum Graff
  • Valentine Wiggin


  • Stilson
  • Peter Wiggin

Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

The story starts when two doctors remove a monitor from six-year-old Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, which he has worn since the age of three to see if he should fight in the military. The Earth has been invaded twice by an alien species called the Formics and they need new military geniuses. Some time later after class, a boy named Stilson and his gamg bully Ender because of the monitor's absence and him being an illegal third child. Ender fights back knocking Stilson to the ground and continues kicking him to make sure the others leave him alone. Back at home, Ender's older sister Valentine comforts him, but his older brother Peter grabs the absence of the monitor to torment him in a brutal game of Formics and Astronauts. The next morning, military director Colonel Hyrum Graff visits Ender and invites him to Battle School explaining that the last test was to see what Ender would do without being monitored. Ender accepts the offer and he leaves home to travel to a space station which will transport Ender to the Battle School in space.

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