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Quote1.png I'm Endgame! Endgame! ENDGAAAAAME! And the only way to win against me -- is not -- to play! Quote2.png


Endgame and the five other rogue personality

Following the Fortress X time, where Legion's personas all had a body for themselves, the return to the normal reality left six of those sub-personalities free from David's body.[1]

He and the X-Men became aware of that only after having tried to use Time-Sink's powers, unsuccessful, and was informed of that using Delphic divination powers, revealing the rebellion of six personalities:Time-Sink, Chain, Susan in Sunshine, Bleeding Image, Styx, and Endgame.[1]

Endgame's intangibility

Endgame seemingly stayed at Styx's side and followed him to the Paris Catacombs.[2] When the X-Men and Legion came to stop Styx, he surprised them and severely beat both Frenzy and Magneto, but they managed to make him explode using explosive belts worn initially by Styx's psychic slave/hostages, damaging him enough to allow Legion to reabsorb him.[3]

Endgame's wooden armor



Adaptable Armor/"A Response for Every Attack": It is currently unknown if Endgame wore an armor, or is this armor. It is also unknown if the adaptations of this armor are controlled by a mutant power, or technological. He has shown the following powers and adaptations:

  • Super-Strength
  • Ray-Guns: Endgame's armor seems to fire what looks like plasma or energy beams.
  • Intangibility: Endgame has shown to be able to pass through cards charged with Gambit's bio-kinetic energy.[3]
  • Transmutation: Endgame was able to turn his suit into wood to avoid Magneto's magnetic manipulation powers.[3]
  • Psi-shield: Bleeding Image and the five other subpersonalities are somehow protected from psi-scanning, and even the Omega-level Telepath Charles Xavier was unable to perform a psi-contact on an unconscious Time-Sink. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they weren't "living beings in the conventional sense".[4]

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