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Doctor Doom developed this tiny device that could be hidden within any of the gauntlets in Doctor Doom's Armor. It could generate an enormous hand made of energy that Doom could use to hold or punch an enemy with great strenght.[1] Doom's real hand did not need to replicate the movements of the energy fist.[2]

Doom built only one unit of the Energy Fist and hid it in[1] the right gauntlet[2] of a given set of armor he had hidden in a secret headquarters in New York City.[1] He used it once after confronting the forces of usurper Kristoff Vernard, who had impersonated Doom and taken over the throne of Latveria. Doom intended to recruit superheroes Fantastic Four and X-Factor as his allies but, when they were reluctant, Doom used the fist to capture Thing-like Ms. Marvel of the Fantastic Four and Beast of X-Factor, threatening to hurt them unless the heroes helped him. Albeit both heroes were quite strong, they were also not motivated to release themselves by their own means, so they allowed Doom to take them to a secret lair, where he released them from the fist to hold them in a different cell.[2]


Per the books Machines of Doom #1, the schematics for this item may or may not exist (They could have been destroyed).

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