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The Ennilux were a tribe that broke away from the main Inhumans branch in Attilan thousands of years ago. The tribe has evolved into something of a cross between the mafia and a corporation.[1] The Ennilux were ruled by The Capo until his death.[2]

When their chief technology officer Marishi Spin gathered the Ennilux together to elect their new C.E.O., he also planned to unveil a new piece of technology called the Antigen, an inhibitor of Inhuman abilities. However, before the device was stolen by Fantomelle before the presentation.[3]

Spin eventually gets the Antigen back just as Ennilux began the election to find a new C.E.O. to replace the Capo. The election was held in the Quiet Room, a new establishment owned by the Inhuman king Black Bolt. Ahura Boltagon, heir to the Inhuman throne, ran in the election and won thanks to a speech he gave and from support from his father Black Bolt.[4]


Equipment: Ennilux possess uncanny devices and treasures in their vaults, including the plans of Archimedes' death ray, and an unknown thing from da Vinci.[5]
Transportation: Enniluxian Attack Zeplins

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