Ennio Ferrante was a prisoner on a transport bus during Malekith and his armies attack on Midgard. The Punisher stopped the bus and pointed his gun at Ferrante with him saying that he was on the Punisher's list.

But Ferrante got lucky because Castle needed the help from him and the rest of the prisoners to help a hospital evacuate its patients through the Lincoln Tunnel. He gave Ferrante a weapon and led him and the others into the tunnel to make it to the other side to New Jersey.[1]

After many events and circumstances, Ennio was the only one left alive with Punisher after all the battles within the tunnel. When he got out of the tunnel, he expected to live his life as Frank promised. The promise didn't last long, as right after Frank shot him in the chest and killed him. The doctor saw it and started screaming at Frank. He died, despite Frank promising over his dead family's souls.[2]

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