Enos Warwick created the sonic enhancers, mechanisms that catalyzed muscle growth. Young athletes experimented with them to excel at their sports. However, Warwick's machines affected brain cells and caused short term memory and hastened the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, the sonic enhancers did not fall under government regulations and so the law could do nothing. Chance and Cardiac came after Enos Warwick, each for their own reasons. At the time, Warwick was overseeing a shipment of his machines. Chance attacked Warwick and would have killed him, but Cardiac, who wanted nobody to die and instead to shut down Warwick's operations, intervened. Chance and Cardiac fought, and as they did, Warwick hid in one of his sonic enhancers. During the course of the battle, Cardiac accidentally caused an overload of the enhancer that Warwick was hiding in and as a result, Warwick's memory was wiped clean[1].

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