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Survivor Transport Vehicle
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Built by the descendants of the Stryfetroopers and equipped with terraforming pods to search for a new habitable planet to call home
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Ensabahnur I crash

Bishop's ship colliding with the Ensabahnur I

After the defeat of Stryfe, the Stryfetroopers were free to make a new life for themselves. They plundered the ruins of Stryfe's Celestial City for its technology and built a new settlement a short distance away upon the ruins of New York City.[1]

The descendants of the Stryfetroopers became a people with a renewed purpose, a central mission that guided their lives: They were going to fix, or escape this doomed planet. As part of their contingency plan, they built a ship, the Ensabahnur I, equipped with terraforming pods to make a new planet a habitable home. The citizens of the Clean City fought over parts with the citizens of the Unclean City for parts. It wasn't until that Cable impersonated Stryfe and stole the missing power cell from the Unclean City's ship, that the Ensabahnur I was able to take off.[1][2]

The Ensabahnur I traveled for almost two years without finding a new habitable planet. During that time, Cable was revealed as an impersonator and imprisoned in the Brig. Without much warning the Ensabahnur I was boarded by Bishop and Emil in the Unclean City's ship. Shortly afterward, the Brood boarded the ship. In the end, Hope and Cable escaped in the terraforming pods while Emil stayed on board and sacrificed himself by detonating Bishop's bomb.[3]


  • Named after En Sabah Nur, who freed the Stryfetroopers and their descendants from the tyranny of Stryfe

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