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Entropy is the son of Eternity and is part of a small cosmic pantheon that represents the three essential forces in the birth and death of the universe, with Entropy personifying the Big Freeze, and the Big Bang and the Big Crunch being represented by Explosion and Gravitation respectively.[1]

Once, he sought to destroy his father, thus ending all of creation. He allied himself with Genis-Vell, with whom he succeeded in his plan and destroyed all of creation, leaving only himself, his sister Epiphany, Genis and Rick Jones. Entropy began to regret what he had done, since the prospect of spending the rest of eternity in an empty void was not all that alluring. Rick Jones suggested that he try creating something. Entropy did, and with Genis-Vell's help, he re-created the Universe, thus becoming the new Eternity. As Eternity, he revealed that this was all part of his life cycle.[2]

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