Enzo Ferrara was a former Jesuit priest and scholar working at the Vatican in Rome. He was the senior archivist of the Vatican's books on forbidden lore. Enzo was one of several specialists selected by Noah van Helsing to participate in an ambitious plot to destroy the lord of all vampires - Dracula. En route to Transylvania, Noah's group were ambushed by a horde of vampires, but Ferrara was able to use his knowledge of the occult to defeat several of his attackers.[citation needed]


Enzo Ferrara is an undisputed expert in the studies of sorcery, vampirism and demonology. He is a virtual walking encyclopedia on everything having to do with vampires, including the various breeds, their customs, feeding habits, etc. Enzo knows mystical spells which enables him to dispel multiple opponents (usually vampires) with merely a wave of his hand.

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