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Eoffren was a dwarf of Nidavellir, and one of the realm's most accomplished craftsmen. His ability to give physical form to magic was said to be legendary. Because of his reputation, Eoffren was abducted by the Majesdanian thaumaturge Roxnor to build a world-destroying weapon. When Doctor Strange learned of Eoffren's predicament, he rallied his ally Kanna to rescue him.

Strange and Kanna managed to inflitrate Eoffren's workshop and slipped away from Roxnor. During their escape, they were cornered on a cliff. Strange grabbed Kanna and Eoffren and lept into the void. He summoned his Cloak of Levitation to stop the fall, but instead of escaping, he opted to retaliate against Roxnor and his subjects. However, Strange and his allies were overpowered. Kanna used a technowand to teleport Doctor Strange and Eoffren to safety, leaving her behind. Strange and Eoffren appeared in a planet they couldn't identify. Scared by Strange's fit of rage when he confronted the Majesdanians, Eofrren tried to run away. Strange explained himself, but Eoffren called him out on his arrogancy and recklessness. Eoffren agreed to take Stephen to his forge to teach him how to make magical tools of his own to save Kanna.[1]

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