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Eon was a Cosmic/Time Being who was responsible for choosing Protectors of the Universe to safeguard the universe and the Life within it from various Cosmic Evils. Her origin and history are presumed to be very similar to those of her counterpart from Earth-616 up until the late 20th century. However, one way in which her life diverged is that she once spawned a male offspring named Era, something that the Eon from Earth-616 is not known to have done.

It is presumed that Quasar was the last Protector of the Universe that Eon actually chose and that it was sometime after Vaughn had been appointed that Eon was secretly killed by Era and ended up confined in the White Room. Since no one knew that the real Eon had been killed, Era was able to assume both her identity and her cosmic station, and he spent over a millennium tampering with the multiverse for his own ends.[1]

In 3019 A.D., after Starhawk had briefly visited the White Room, Wendell Vaughn and Eon discussed their children and Eon admitted that her son's agenda had begun to disturb her.[2]

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