The Epicure was a master thief who was active during the 1940s. His motivations was not for stealing as much as possible, but stealing rare objects specifically for the thrill of stealing. In the spring of 1945, after reading the latest exploits of the Angel, the Epicure decided that he wished to match wits with the hero.

Calling the Angel from a payphone, he informed the hero that he intended to rob the Van Puy mansion the following afternoon. Sure enough, the Epicure was committing the daring daylight robbery and the Angel attempted to stop him. Alerted to the Angel's presence thanks to the reflective surface of his cane, the Epicure turned and faced the hero catching him off guard long enough for one of the Epicure's men (hiding in a suit of armor on the property) to knock the hero out. The Epicure then cracked the Van Puy safe and took only a rare pearl. He then tied the Angel to a chair and left a cryptic note of his next robbery.

The Epicure then led a group of men in breaking into the local art museum to steal a gold sculpture of a peacock. The Angel cracked the clue left behind at the previous crime scene and confronted the Epicure at the museum. The villain managed to once more knock out the Angel. In order to try and lose the hero, the Epicure tossed his cane out a window to the ground below to make it appear he fled on foot.

However, when the Angel came around he saw through this and caught the Epicure and his men trying to escape from the roof. As the Angel was busy battling the Epicure's men, the Epicure managed to escape alone. Later in his study, the Epicure considered the Angel a worthy foe and looked forward to clashing with the hero in the future.[1]

Any later clashed between the Angel and Epicure have been unrecorded and his fate is unknown.




The Epicure carries a cane which has been modified. It has been weighted to be used as a striking weapon, has a reflective surface on the handle that allows the Epicure to see what is going on behind him, and can fire a ball baring from its bottom that can strike with sufficient force to knock a man out with a single blow to the head.

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