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Early Life[]

Epsilon Red was created from the same Russian "super-soldier" project that engineered Omega Red. Epsilon has the special ability to breathe in the harsh environment of space and he possesses four tentacles, as well as a multitude of weapons. He was created in the great "Space Race" so that Soviet Union could excel at space exploration before other the United States of America.[2]

Battle with Wolverine[]

In 1968, he fought against Wolverine and Team X many thought that he died in the first battle.[2]

Modern Age[]

Wolverine later returned to the base and helped him escape into space.[2]



Ability to survive in space and breathe, various weapons attached to the four tentacle appendages on his back.[1]

He is a Psi-talent who has psychometric telepathic abilities, can scan psionic images, initiate memory playbacks.[1]



Four prosthetic tentacle-like arms (of an unknown substance), each controlling a buzzsaw, flame thrower, chisel, and mechanical claw.[1]


  • Epsilon Red's real name is unknown. His daughter is known as Elena Ivanova so (given Russian naming traditions) it's likely either his first name is Ivan or his surname is Ivanoff (Ivanov). This has not been confirmed.

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