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Era is a Cosmic Being who was spawned by Eon sometime before the 21st century. At some point before or during the War of the Worlds initiated by the Martian invasion of Earth, Era secretly killed his mother and thereby confined her to the White Room with the Protectors of the Universe that she had appointed. Since nobody knew that Eon had died, Era was able to assume her identity and cosmic station.[1]

Era soon disposed of Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) by secretly redirecting his final quantum-leap to the Abrogate who mistook Quasar's sudden appearance as an attack and retaliated, killing him.[2]

Back on Earth, "Eon" convinced the Silver Surfer to stop fighting the Martians by claiming that it was Earth's destiny to be conquered by them. "Eon" also asked the Silver Surfer to be the new Protector of the Universe but the Surfer's guilt-plagued conscience did not allow him to accept until centuries later.[3]

Months later, "Eon" appeared on the planet Vesper only seconds after Kismet had given birth to her and Wendell's son, and kidnapped the infant.[1]

Five hundred years later, in the early 26th century, "Eon" arranged for the Silver Surfer to go to Earth and meet Dargo, a mortal who possessed the power of Thor, so that the two of them, by working together, would kill Nova.[3]

In 3018 A.D., when Norrin Radd, now known as the Keeper, was about to kill Galactus, "Eon" convinced him not to do so and to allow Galactus to consume Arima. "Eon" then convinced the Keeper that he should partner with Galactus and guide him to consume worlds that had no sentient inhabitants.[4]

In 3019 A.D., during a confrontation with Starhawk (Stakar) and Kismet, Era revealed his true identity, the fate of his mother, and how he had posed as "Eon" for over a millennium while he had manipulated Norrin Radd, caused the death of Quasar, and kidnapped the infant Stakar. Finding that the combined power of the united mother and son was more than he had expected, Era stated that the tedious combat served no purpose and teleported away. Second later, the Hawk God appeared and revealed that he had empowered Stakar so that he could stop Era who was trying to bring about the prophesied War of the Cosmic Beings, something that the Hawk God had been accused of plotting.[1]


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