The man known as the Eraser was a circus freak who ended up becoming a high ranking member of the Nazis during World War II. He used his contortionist skills to become an expert espionage agent. By February 1943, he and his minions had set themselves to steal a model prototype of the "Corsair", a new flying submarine that was being developed by inventor Mark Manners.

Having smuggled himself and his men into the United States, they took over the aircraft that was to carry Manners from sea to the mainland. Unknown to the Eraser, Captain America and Bucky had taken the place of his pilots in order to stop him but decided to wait and see how the Nazi played his hand. When picking up Manners, the Eraser earned Manners trust by showing him a Captain America costume under his clothes, leading the scientist to believe that he was Captain America. However, the truth was soon revealed, and while Captain America and Bucky battled the Eraser and his men aboard the plane, Manners was knocked out of the aircraft and fell to his death.

The Eraser managed to steal not only the model of the Corsair but also kidnap Manner's daughter Jane. However, Captain America, Bucky, and US soldiers tracked down the Eraser to his secret hideout within an American submarine that was put on display for the public. When the Eraser attempted to escape in the sub, Captain America blew it up, but the Eraser survived. He was last seen vowing to get revenge against Captain America,[1] he has not been seen since and his ultimate fate is unknown.


The Eraser is a "rubber man" in his skin has additional elasticity, he is likely has numerous double joints in his body. He is also more buoyant than the average human being.

Das Radiermesser & Radiergummi is German for The Eraser.

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