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Erasmus Mendel was the Captain of the crew that was assigned to go to the Orchis Forge to make sure that the station was fully capable of supporting human life before they brought it online. He stood by on the Inheritance while his wife Doctor Gregor and Omega Sentinel assessed the functionality of the Mothermold.[1]

Mendel and his crew picked up a Shi'ar Scout ship on their radar heading to the space station. Finding out that it was a strike team of X-Men, Mendel ordered his crew to board the Forge in preparation for an all out assault. Erasmus approached one of the docking ports as the X-Men were cutting their way through the hull of the station.

He decided that the only course of action was to respond asymmetrically, so he tore apart his energy blaster and converted it into a makeshift bomb with a handheld remote. Mendel gave Alia a heartfelt goodbye as he pulled the trigger killing himself while taking the Scout ship with him.[2]


  • The surnames of Erasmus and Alia are a reference to Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics.

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