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Erebus is a region of Hades, the underworld, It was where the dead had to pass immediately after dying, the three headed dog Cerberus guards the gateway here. It is also the port in which Charon the ferryman took the souls to their respective region of Hades.

Modern Era

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Hercules and Amadeus Cho came to the underworld they traveled through the new location of Erebus which is now in the form of a Casino based in Atlantic City on the Jersey Shore. After gambling they went to the River Styx, where they found the boat manned Charon which now appeared as an America River Boat casino. Charon although still in his skeletal now wore a more modern uniform. He was at first happy believing Hercules had died and was disappointed when he revealed he was just visiting. He was still angry with the hero and decided to charge him 10,000 gold pieces in exchange for a ride to the Underworld. Cho, who had just one a load of chips, payed the ferrymen, who reluctantly took them to Tartarus, knowing he would be punished for his actions.[1]


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