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Ereshkigal was the Mesopotamian goddess of death and the queen of Irkalla, the Mesopotamian underworld.[1]

Marriage to Nergal

At some point in the distant past, Ereshkigal sent an envoy from Irkalla to Dilmun, home of the the Mesopotamian gods. The war god Nergal disrespected Ereshkigal by refusing to stand in the envoy's presence, causing him to be banished to Irkalla. Enraged, Nergal stormed Ereshkigal's palace and confronted her, and she agreed to become his wife and to share control of the underworld with him.[4]

Return of the God-Eater

In the modern era, Ereshkigal colluded with fellow death gods Hela, Seth, Yama, Pluto, Ah Puch, and the demon Mephisto to merge each of their respective realms in an effort to gain more souls and reignite mankind's belief in them. The death gods preformed a ritual to merge their realms but had inadvertently summoned Demogorge the God-Eater as well, who then proceeded to consume them. The God-Eater was eventually defeated by Thor and the gods he consumed were released from his form.[5]


  • It is unclear if Nergal has two wives, Ereshkigal and Allatou, or whether the two are connected.[4] Ereshkigal is also known as Allatu in Babylon, and it is speculated that she maintained prominence and avoided demon degeneration by either expelling her demonic aspects (Allatou) or by trading both her husband and her Babylonian name to a demon who became Allatou.[1]

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