Ereshkigal was a Mesopotamian goddess, Queen of the Underworld and a sister of Inanna. After Inanna was banished from the Underworld, she began a rivalry with her sister, willing to do anything to get back.[1] In Uruk, Babylon a Temple of Inanna was construscted that housed the M'kraan Crystal in the Tomb of Heaven, however it was locked behind a door requiring the Cicada Key.[3] By the 1930s both Inanna and Ereshkigal lived among the mortals using the human names "Huma" and "Helga Bergmann", with Ereshkigal later taking on an American name "Holly Babson" and working as a Black Cat Club waitress and a secret police informant.[1] While there, she came to know a young man named Peter Parker.[2]

Ereshkigal appears to Peter Parker as the Spider-God

After Parker was bit by a spider that emerged from the mystical Spider Idol, he experienced a vision of the being he dubbed "Spider-God" who granted him spider-powers because he lacked evil intent.[4] Later, after Peter died at the hands of Morlun, he experienced another vision of Spider-God claiming that his work was not done. Peter then awoke alive in the same spot of New York City where he ended up after his first encounter with the Spider-God.[5]

Shorlty before World War II, the Nazis, aided by "Huma", began the excavation of Uruk seeking the recover the power hidden within the M'kraan Crystal. However, Doctor Heinrich Hellstrom stole the Cicada Key[3] and it made it its way to Ereshkigal. Her mortal form was killed, but she made sure that the Cicada Stone was recovered by Peter Parker. While investigating the murder, he unwittingly took the stone to the sister of the victim and "Huma" invited him to accompany her to Europe.[2]

Ereshkigal reveals her true form to Peter

Maintaining her cover, "Huma" eventually reached Uruk in the company of Parker and manipulated his companions into opening the path to the M'kraan Crystal, which Inanna used to open a door to the Underworld.[3] While fighting them, Parker fell down into the Underworld itself, but while in there Ereshkigal appeared before him. She first took on the familiar form of Holly Babson before showing her other form that Parker knew as "Spider-God" and finally as Peter's cat Ding-Ding. Ereshkigal revealed that she was the one who gave him his spider powers through her connection to the Web of Life and Destiny and was also responsible for the Cicada Stone falling into Parker's hands, as he was the only one capable of destroying the M'kraan Crystal which was required for the safety of the Great Web. Parker was attacked by Electro, but Ereshkigal changed back into the spider form and devoured him, allowing Peter to leave the Underworld and destroy the M'kraan Crystal.[1]

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