Eric was a "fat-cat" producer for the original Dazzler movie. During production, Eric became infatuated by Alison Blaire, and then became a stalker. He went as far as buying the gym Allison worked out at so he could prevent any of the male employees from socializing with her. When Alison denied his advances, she was fired immediately, but he continued to stalk her. Roman Nekoboh secretly signed up for backing from Eric Beale, who wanted to 'out' Alison and ruin her for denying him sexually. Eric believed that he could have bought Ali, but she knew that it would be more like sexual slavery. Alison eventually discovered that Eric Beale only financed the film so that he could give her an ultimatum: effectively contract herself into slavery and become a star, or walk away with her career and relationship in ruins. The part that hurt Alison the most is that the movie was actually very good. Alison called it "a classic." Both she and Eric knew that its release could turn the tide of anti-mutant prejudice. Ali decided to destroy all the copies of the movie instead of signing her life away to Eric.[1]

Dazzler then went on to join the X-Men. After the X-Men's apparent "death," Eric continued to live with the notion that Dazzler was really alive due to his fanaticism. He was right, Dazzler and the X-Men had survived. After Dazzler had gone through the Siege Perilous, she appeared at one of Lila Cheney's homes. After being discovered helping to save a jazz club from thugs, Eric decided to go and kill Dazzler for her spurning his love. Eric first attempted to kill Ali at Lila's house, then at the Hollywood studio, and he finally kidnapped her while she was on her way to her movie's grand opening gala. Dazzler was able to stop Eric by using her powers to cause therapeutic light, which caused him to become sane again.[2]

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