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Eric Brooks is an enemy of all vampires known as Blade.

Eric had a liking for Dayriding, challenging passerbys in New York to a race. In at least one case he lost and conceded to his opponent.

Noticing some suspicious characters around New York, Blade and his allies fought a group of Frost Giants. Once they were defeated, Blade was glad they were actually monsters and he hadn't repeated a mistake he made with trick-or-treaters.

Pursuing a sinister gang, they were able to evade Blade's grasp when they escaped on Go-Karts. After Blade briefed them of the situation, his allies destroyed the truck, with Blade unsure as to whether or not they were gone for good. Regardless, he gifted them his character token in gratification. [2]

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Seemingly those of the Eric Brooks of Earth-616.



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