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The man who would become Blade was born a daywalker, to a vampire father and human mother. His mother placed him in a New Orleans orphanage where he grew up as an outcast to the other children, but was discovered by vampire hunter Abraham Whistler, who trained him in martial arts and as a vampire hunter. Blade devoted his life to destroying vampire-kind, the ones who made him what he was.[1]

While hunting Morbius, a vampire-like creature who was mutated after being bitten by a neogenic vampire bat, he was stopped by Spider-Man who didn't want him to destroy Morbius, since Morbius was originally a human. Despite Blade's initial insistence, he agreed to try and help cure Morbius, by working with Spider-Man to track him down and stop him from transforming people into vampires with the Neogenic Recombinator. Detective Terri Lee, who joined in the chase, fell in love with Blade, but they decided not to have a relationship because of Blade's occupation.[2]

Blade later hunted down Mirium the vampire in Europe, and discovered that she was his mother transformed into a vampire. Mirium went to New York to get the Recombinator to turn everyone into vampires, but Blade, a partially cured Morbius, and Black Cat teamed up and set out on a quest to capture her after she returned to Europe.[3]

Powers and Abilities


As a daywalker, Blade possesses powers similar to those of a typical vampire, including superhuman strength.


Blade was trained by Whistler in at least one form of martial arts and as a vampire hunter; he is skilled in the use of weaponry effective against vampires.


While possessing the powers, Blade generally lacks typical vampire weaknesses, although he feels the vampire's thirst for blood, which can be controlled by taking a serum concocted by Whistler.



Seemingly those of the Eric Brooks of Earth-616.


Modified motorcycle


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