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Quote1.png See this tat? Wanna guess what it does? They call you "Bulletproof," right? Would that include, I dunno, a Nuke. Quote2.png


Ink helped his fellow teammates engage the Press Gang after they attacked them in X-Topia in order to kidnap the mutant Triage. Ink and Armor engaged Havok after he fired a concussive blast at the rest of the X-Men, but soon enough the Press Gang escaped after they successfully completed their mission.[1]

After having multiple teammates taken back to Genosha, Ink was part of the rescue team put together by Baron Grey in order to infiltrate the island and get their people back. Since being human, Ink could not contract the mutant plague making him an ideal choice.

Ink nukes Bulletproof with his tattoo

Once the strike team landed, Ink intercepted the possessed Rogue and battled her head on until he was able to knock her out. He flew through Hammer Bay in hopes to find Triage but noticed Bulletproof catch his teammate Wolfsbane as they fell threw the lower levels of the building where the genegineer was at.

Ink took advantage of the situation and torpedoed himself into Bulletproof head on. He then used the explosive tattoo on his hand to create a nuclear-type blast which blew up in Bulletproof's face sending him hurdling straight into the revived Cameron Hodge.[2]

Seeing the newly transmode infected Bulletproof get taken out by Hodge, Ink was going to cover Wolverine from behind but Hodge stabbed Ink in the chest with one of his techno-organic tendrils.[3]


Ink is very hot-headed.

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Seemingly those of the Eric Gitter of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Eric Gitter of Earth-616.

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