Eric Morrell was a police officer who lived in Doverton, Colorado with his wife and children. The town was taken hostage and occupied by Carnage and they were trapped in the town. Eric managed to escape to a nearby zoo and contacted the Avengers, who sent Captain America, The Thing, Hawkeye, Wolverine and Spider-Man to capture Carnage. They attempted to attack Carnage, however, Carnage simply bonded to Captain America, Thing, Hawkeye and Wolverine and possessed them. The U.S Army realized they needed other symbiotes to fight Carnage and sent the Mercury Team to aid Eric and Spider-Man. The ensuing battle resulted in a majority of the town being destroyed, and as a result, Eric's family was killed.[1]

Years later, the graves of the casualties of Carnage's attack were all dug up by unknown trespassers, including the graves of his family. Eric contacted the higher officials and Man-Wolf was sent to help him investigate. They suspected a cult that recently arrived to the town, The Church of the New Darkness. When they interrogated their leader, she invited them to join one of their rituals. When they went there, Jonah was bonded to Grendel and became the pawn of a resurrected Carnage while Eric was killed in the ritual when Carnage harvested his spine.[2]

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