Eric Slaughter was an aging crime-boss who came out of retirement to kill Daredevil, hired to do so by Bullseye. Although Bullseye did not expect Slaughter to succeed, wanting only to see Daredevil in combat from a distance, in order to prepare his own attack. Slaughter's men, who included Turk Barrett, harassed Daredevil's known associate Matthew Murdock, in order to attract the hero to a trap. They were subsequently unsuccessful in killing Daredevil. Daredevil nonetheless failed to learn who had hired, because the thugs were killed before they could confess.[1] Slaughter, unhappy with Turk's performance, fired him from his gang.

Bullseye laid a trap for Daredevil kidnapping DD's romantic interest the Black Widow and expecting DD to follow Slaughter's track. However, when he did so, DD and the Widow defeated Bullseye, who proved to be mentally unstable. Bullseye asked Slaughter for support, but Slaughter refused: He had stopped trusting Bullseye after his fits, and DD had proved a skill and courage that earned him a measure of Slaughter's respect, something that Bullseye had not done. Slaughter's men helped Daredevil capture Bullseye, even if Slaughter threatened that he would not be so nice with DD in their next encounter.[2]

Slaughter then helped fugitive Alarich Wallenquist, who was being chased by bounty hunter Elektra Natchios to execute him for crimes committed in Europe, and by lawyer Murdock to testify in a trial and then being arrested. Slaughter hid Wallenquist below Houston Street and organized his being smuggled out of the country from the West Side Waterfront. He discovered that Elektra was on his trail, so he was prepared for her: Elektra battered a few thugs, Slaughter offered her a job and, when she refused, a sniper took her down with a tranquilizer dart. Before he could give her the "cement overshoes" treatment he enjoyed, however, Daredevil entered the scene, took over and destroyed the plane and defeated Slaughter's men while Slaughter himself escaped. Daredevil captured Wallenquist and released Elektra, however.[3]

Slaughter was later able to maintain his sphere of influence during a heated crime-war between The Kingpin and his rivals. He agreed to bow to Kingpin as ruler of the underworld and, when Kingpin asked for Bullseye's head, he agreed to send his men after him. However, when Bullseye defeated Slaughter's men, Slaughter gave Bullseye the information the assassin was looking for: Kingpin had hired ninja Elektra as his new top assassin, and she had been assigned to murder shyster Franklin Nelson. Slaughter even loaned Bullseye some men and offered him a cigar for that operation. Bullseye succeeded at murdering Elektra.[4]

Slaughter was then approached by Turk, whose people had captured snoop "Guts" Nelson for making too many questions about illegal explosives, a business in which Kingpin was involved. Nelson claimed to want involvement, but Slaughter simply ordered Turk to kill Nelson. Turk asked for his job back in exchange; Slaughter refused. Daredevil, who was Nelson's friend, switched off the lights, defeated Slaughter's men and left, so that Nelson appeared to be an excellent fighter - so good that Turk, the last thug standing, refused to kill him on Slaughter's orders, even in exchange for his old job. Instead, Turk left with Nelson to start a collaboration with him.[5]


A noticeable limp.


He uses a cane.

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