The Grim Reaper stood guard over Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch as they performed the mutant rapture spell. He kept the Avengers from interfering long enough for Wanda to cast the spell with her last breath after being attacked by Rogue. The Reaper then impaled Rogue on his scythe and burnt her body beyond recognition with an energy discharge.[1]

He moved on to defend the tachyon dam when the Wasp came to destroy it. Grim Reaper promised Wasp the only way she'd be able to get past him was to break her code against murder. Captain America arrived to back up Wasp, but the Reaper killed him before they could destroy the dam.[2]

In the six years that followed the destruction of Earth, Planet X was established. Havok and Wasp remained renegades from the planet's ruling caste of mutants, the X-Council. During their time on the run, Havok got revenge by killing the Grim Reaper, although he never told his wife.[3]


Seemingly those of Eric Williams of Earth-616.


Grim Reaper's Scythe

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