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Eric von Himmel was a master spy, who worked for Nazi Germany in World War II. He planned to cripple American industrial centers, one by one, with the purpose of making America weak, so that Hitler can strike America, thus bringing it to Nazi Germany's side.

His first target was the Wenton Aviaton Works, after they did that, they targeted the Boling Works. This failed miserably, after the Young Avenger crossed their plans, and defeated the sent saboteurs.

After hearing in the news, that the saboteurs were captured, von Himmel sent two of his henchmen, Otto and Hans, to watch on the walls after the Young Avenger. One of them was defeated but the other one captured him with gas and brought him, in chains, to von Himmel. Unknownst to von him and his henchmen, Young Avenger freed himself and easily overpowered them. In shock, Eric went into a biplane and crashed into his base, killing all, expect him and the Young Avenger.[1]

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