Erica Fortune was a New York University teacher who discovered she possessed great telekinetic power when her boyfriend, a parapsychology professor, tested her.

Soon after, she and her boyfriend came across two otherdimensional aliens who had used a pair of "power rings" to escape their servitude to a "spellbinder," Zxaxz, and had detected Fortune as another spellbinder. Zxaxz demanded his power rings back, and Fortune battled him, donning the rings herself to amplify. Fortune joined forces with the New Mutants and Lila Cheney to defeat Zxaxz.

Later, a third, more powerful spellbinder, the Other, came to Earth, and Fortune joined forces with Zxaxz to battle this new threat, with the help of her brother Roy, who used the rings to amplify his own latent powers.


Erica's powers drove her insane, causing her to turn on her family. She was imprisoned in a crystal by her brother Roy, who became Spellbinder Supreme.


Spellbinder possesses vast telekinetic powers, enabling her to perform a variety of feats. She can lift objects far heavier than she can lift physically, levitate herself, break down objects and rebuild them in another form, fire energy blasts of an unknown form, and even disintegrate matter, among other feats.

Strength level

Spellbinder possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. By using her telekinetic powers, she can lift far greater weights than she could otherwise lift.


Spellbinder's power has a harmful effect on her mental state, making her increasingly megalomaniacal and distant from the rest of humanity unless she resists its effects.


Spellbinder sometimes wears a pair of alien "power rings" like gauntlets to amplify her powers.

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