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Quote1.png Ah, Max... We can't punish them, but we can defeat them if we keep on surviving. Quote2.png
Erich Eisenhardt[src]


Erich Eisenhardt was the uncle of Max Eisenhardt, later known as Magneto. Erich lived with his brother, Jakob Eisenhardt and his family in Nuremberg, Germany. Erich was a carefree personality and encouraged his nephew to love, as he was known for chasing women himself. One day, Erich was beaten and forced to wear a sign saying that he had shamed a German woman, after the laws were changed that Jewish people were not to interact with other races (Nuremberg Laws). Originally wanting to leave Germany, his brother decided for the family to stay in Nurnberg and figure-out the rules.

After November 7, 1938, when Herschel Grynszpan assassinated the German attaché, Ernst vom Rath and the Nazis started to terrorize Jewish people in the Reichskristallnacht, Erich and his family fled to Warsaw, Poland.

In Warsaw they lived in a Jewish section where the Nazi built Warsaw Ghetto in October 1940. His time at the ghetto molded Erich into a smuggler of food and supplies and gave him the courage to fight back.

After the Nazis started to deport the ghetto inhabitants to Treblinka, Erich told Jakob and Max that Jews were gassed there and he convinced his brother to flee. While his family was escaping, Erich stayed behind, to fight against the Nazis.[1] His ultimate fate is unknown.

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